Hype Ads and Content
without Limits!

The main question we address at ROXYBIT is:
Why are some companies and individuals more popular than others?
What do they do? If I want to make my business
(or my public persona) more visible and trendy, what should I do?
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What the heck is ROXYBIT?

SaaS platform to create Ads & Content for social networks with the highest level of engagement

In RoxyBit, we analyze psychology, trends data, and marketing analytics
to understand what makes things HYPE/VIRAL and share this knowledge with you

  • Why can one stocks trader via his Twitter influence stock market fluctuations
  • Why Kim Kardashian is #1 in Instagram?
  • Why Mr.Beast #1 in Youtube?
  • Can you blindly copy an influencer's strategy to become popular? (short answer is: NO)
  • Why are people so crazy about Elon Musk? Is there a link between his social popularity and the price of Tesla stocks?
  • What exact components make TikTok videos go viral?
  • Will posting an image with facial emotion expression get more effect than an image with a human body?
  • Should I use green or red color for my ads
  • And many more questions...

We provide a clear framework to create ads and content, keeping in mind psychology tricks, trends data, AI tools, etc., to achieve the highest engagement levels

For WHO we've built ROXYBIT?

If you earn using digital channels

For WHOM have we built ROXYBIT? If you sell anything online or plan to grow your social channels, you definitely need to RUN ADS or POST CONTENT on social networks. This is for everyone who has the question "I am an entrepreneur; I have started selling products online. What should I do to grow from zero?" in their mind. As a small business, you face significant challenges such as competition and a limited marketing budget. You cannot simply copy the strategies of big brands. This means that the key to acquiring customers lies in quality, consistency, and a non-standard approach. For WHO:

  • For dropshippers, e-commerce entrepreneurs who rely on digital channels
  • For social networks' content creators

We optimized content creation with a focus on e-commerce and digital sales, rather than adopting a general approach. This e-commerce tool was built by digital entrepreneurs for digital entrepreneurs. For sales basically there are just three steps: 1) Get customers, bring them to your point of sale. 2) Convince them to buy. 3) Grab money.

The Roxybit platform is designed to address only Step #1 in this journey for now: bringing customers to the Point of Sale. How to bring customers? Through ads on social networks (promoted posts) and organic content (or User-Generated Content, UGC) or email newsletter. These three ways are proven ways to increase sales. To achieve the highest conversion rate, you absolutely need to engage users every single day. How to do this consistently and effectively?

These two actions (ads & content) are using the same psychological and behavioral principles. To perform effectively, you definitely need to create content consistently rather than occasionally. It means you should constantly engage your customers. To do this effectively, you need to create a list of content, inspirational ideas, and align each piece of content with hooks, using hype titles, words, etc. Can you do it manually? Yes. Is it consistent? In 99% of cases, you will stop posting or will not keep attention on psychological hooks and hype words or topics, just because it's impossible to keep the same level of consistency without a team or automation. Content creation is the new 9-5 TRAP! How to avoid & simplify it?

Using ROXYBIT you will:

  • Achieve consistency: Easily plan content (promotional or organic) for each digital channel
  • Use psychology hooks: Create a list of highly HYPE topics
  • Easily create social media posts, email newsletter text, or any piece of content based on PLAN
  • Create commercial ads hype texts and images
  • Use the latest trends data from social networks, social triggers, hot topics, etc

Why it's different from other platforms:

  • You don't rely solely on AI; you construct your content to achieve the highest possible engagement
  • You select which psychological hook you want to use for each piece of content
  • You choose the exact emotion for each piece of content
  • You can PLAN your content and then use auto-posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (list of platforms constantly expanding).
  • Check the latest trends data

So, you can think ROXYBIT is a content creation engine with the maximum effect of virality, based on data analytics and the implementation of psychology hooks.

Do you know?

Marketing facts
75% of all ads are unprofitable
In most of cases
customers acquisition is more expensive
than product / service cost.
Businesses lost most of their profits
by running poorly made ads.
Tired to waste money in FB Ads?
Ads purpose is NOT to sell product
The purpose of ads
is to attract customers
to your point of sale
in the most cost-effective
way possible.
Only 3% of your audience is ready to make a purchase right now
27% of your audience wants to buy but not immediately and not from you.
70% don't want to buy, so it's your task to warm them up.
Don't make the mistake
of focusing only on the top 3%.

Examples of Hype Ads

Stop wasting money on low conversion ads! Earn more with Hype Ads!
Furry friends bring so much joy and love into our lives! ❤️🐶🐱 But let's face it, they also bring a lot of pet hair. 🙈 If you're tired of constantly cleaning up after your pets, the electric cleaning brush is a game-changer! It effortlessly removes pet hair from furniture, leaving your home hair-free and your allergies in check. Say goodbye to sneezing fits and hello to a fur-free sanctuary! 🌟✨ #PetHairNoMore #ElectricCleaningBrush
Product: Electric cleaning brush
Audience: Pet owners
Pain Points: Allergy
Buy this Vacuum Cleaner S3000 because it is cheaper and just better
Product: Vacuum Cleaner S3000
Audience: All men 21+ ;)
Pain Points: Saving money & Sucking quality
The fact: Girls don't like men without muscles. Are you worrying about your muscle shape to look perfect? Don't have time to go to the gym? Use our specially designed push-up bars at home every day, and you will achieve visible results in just 30 days!
Product: Push Ups bars
Audience: busy men 18+, fitness, workaholic, students
Pain Points: Being unattractive for girls, being weak on street, cannot protect yourself
Transform your body without sacrificing time! Our Home Workout Essentials are designed for quick, efficient exercises, bringing results to your doorstep. Maximize gains in minimal time with gear tailored for hassle-free home fitness. No more excuses – achieve your fitness goals on your schedule. Limited stock available, click now to revolutionize your home workouts!
Product: Push Ups bars
Audience: fitness
Pain Points: unknown
Some guys still think they do push-ups properly. Need to shape your muscles? Use push-up bars at home every day and become a stronger person! Learn how to use chest, biceps, and triceps at the same moment...
Product: Push Ups bars
Audience: busy men 18+, fitness, workaholic, students
Pain Points: Being unattractive for girls, being weak on street, cannot protect yourself
Transform your home into a cozy haven this winter with our exquisite decorative lights! 🌟 Illuminate your space with warm, soft lighting that adds a touch of magic to those chilly nights. Picture your family gathered, sipping hot chocolate in the comforting glow. Elevate your winter evenings – shop now for warmth and ambiance! 🔥 #HomeDecor #WinterWarmth #CozyNights
Product: Cozy warm home light
Audience: Woman 21+, with children, parents, design hobbie
Pain Points: Gather together with family, coziness
Transform your skincare routine with our custom handmade soaps, meticulously crafted to solve all your skin concerns! 🌺 Forget about harsh additives – our soaps are made with only the purest, natural ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Plus, no slippery surprises – our soaps won't make your floor slick if you drop them! 🛁✨ #NaturalSkincare #DontDropSoap #FearlessBeauty
Product: Custom soap
Audience: Woman 21+, fight club movie fan
Pain Points: Soap ingredients, only natural, Soap smell, burn eyes, drop down the soap

How it Works

Create Hype Ads & Content by using single tool
for your social channels
Ads Creative Flow
Use Ads Creative Flow
to create Hype Ads
using emotional & psychological
Image generating tools
Select between
different AI Models
to create ads & content
Ad & Content Libraries
Organize your ads & content
the most efficient way
using Ads & Content Libraries
and media planners
Do you want to earn money? Start making sales.
Do you want to increase sales? Be visible and well-known.
Wondering how to become more visible? Post social content
across various channels and attract customers using ads.
Dolph Lundgren, the greatest actor, "Rocky IV"

Video Instructions

Check how easy to use RoxyBit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I need this?
I afraid to use hype Ads, I think my clients will not understand me...
That's sad
Can I create Ad Creatives for Meta(Facebook/Instagram) or Twitter( Ads?
Yes! You can use Ads Creative Flow to create texts & images using AI tools OR doing it manually. You will create audiences, customers pain points, setup emotional target for your ads.
Can I save & organize my ads?
Yes, RoxyBit provides convenient Ads Library to organize and store all your ads & creatives.
Will AI Tools solve all my problems?
Roxybit provides you clear framework to easily create highly convertive ads WITH or WITHOUT AI Tools. It is often hard to create ads keeping in mind all tricks and recommendations to achieve the highest conversion rates. Roxybit helps you by providing step-by-step execution plan.
I'm selling concrete blocks and don't think I need hype ads...
Great! Please use any other platform to create BORING Ads, but when you will need to create Hype Ads we will welcome you again with all our LOVE!!! But maybe it would be interesting to create video about: "Our blocks are so reliable that never will fall down to someone's head. Choose"
How RoxyBit is different from competitors? ("Human first, not AI")
RoxyBit is NOT a platform which claims that "AI can do everything, please use our AI tools". The foundation of RoxyBit is PSYCHOLOGICAL & BEHAVIORAL framework of the humanity. We are building our tools around this foundation, we study ads & marketing psychology every day improving our knowledge and sharing this with you. Yes we are using AI tools to simplify and speed up processes, but we give much more than just this. We respect AI progress made in last years, but "Human first" - this is our slogan. Try now!
Is RoxyBit free? Why do you charge money for?
RoxyBit provides free tools & services such as: Ads & Content Library, sign up credits bonus, Ads Creative Framework (with limited functionality in free plan), learning materials and many more FOR FREE. But some other services such as AI generation, or big files storage are available only on paid plans.
Can I try paid tools for free?
Yes, on sign up after phone confirmation you will get welcome bonus what you can spend on any paid tools including AI generation tools.
“You must know your customers”, - Walter Dill Scott

Ordinary businessman doesn’t realize when he says: “you must know your customers” he means “psychology”:

1. What catch their attention,

2. What will impress them,

3. What lead them to buy

EMOTION is a king. Even if you give all the money to the people - they will choose person who give them more emotions.

Use RoxyBit framework to build attractive ads & content

Why AI Image generation tools sometimes produce incorrect image?
AI models that we use are rapidly developing every day, and we constantly update them to match the latest industry standards. However, sometimes models may struggle to accurately depict human bodies in motion. In such cases, please consider using different prompts and models tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Scandals in Marketing: How big brands lose customers due to simple mistakes
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"RoxyBit is the best what happened to me, after my first sale.
But I had my first sale just yesterday...", - unknown customer, 40 y.o.
The best tools to create Ads & Content
I believe RoxyBit is the best set of tools to create Ads & content for social channels. You can control & clearly understand each aspect of behavioral components influencing on prospective customer's emotions. Well done, guys!
@ceozuckerberg RoxyBit community
I hate RoxyBit!
I spent hours to create Ads & Content and it gave me meaning of my life, feeling of accomplishment! Now I'm using RoxyBit and I have too much free time to watch Kim Kardashian's SKIMS nipple bra Ads, I wanna back the meaning of my life!
@drunkbunnylapa (link) RoxyBit community
I would give ZERO if could!
Before I spent all my clients' budget to run non effective ads and I could do as many mistakes as possible, because bad experience is the best teacher. But now I don't do these mistakes because RoxyBit gives me higher conversion rate. I WANNA MY BAD EXPERIENCE BACK, this is only way to learn things!
@lovekim69 RoxyBit community

We Make Things Hype

Create significant brand awareness and boost sales with RoxyBit!
Win Strategy
Market experience
Psychology is a basis of Advertising
Walter Dill Scott, applied psychologist, father of marketing in 20th century
Competitors in your niche are already using RoxyBit
don't let them be faster than you!
If your competitors occupy your niche with hype ads & content faster than you, customers will remember their brand first, making it more complicated to win them back later, right?
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